Camera phones are not killing photography

Camera phones and quick filters are killing photography! Don’t know how many times I’ve heard and read about this but there is finally a feeling of change in the air. More and more photographers are starting to use the new channels to reach potential customers and also to let their own photography evolve. For me as an amateur photographer all this material is amazing to take part of. Videos, guides and other things just screaming for me to take them up and let myself evolve into a better and better photographer. Continue reading Camera phones are not killing photography

Default photography gear

Is there such a thing as a basic or default photography kit? Today, we have access to amazing technology and gear to help us in our photography and the vast range of choice can be a challenge.

The market tries to tell us that we need specialist equipment for everything and that even as an amateur you must spend big money to get a shoot that is good. I thought I should share with you a setup you can use for next to everything you photograph today and most that you will photograph in the future.

The default kit is built of thee pieces. Continue reading Default photography gear

How to maximize the value of your visit to the zoo as a photographer

The zoo is a great place both to explore animals and locations but also where you can practice your photography skills. To maximize your visit there however you can plan out ahead on what you should do there and what to bring. Read on to find out more!
Continue reading How to maximize the value of your visit to the zoo as a photographer